Monday, 26 October 2015

MCM London Comic Con 2015

Are you a massive geek? Do you have an unhealthy obsession with a particular movie or tv show and wished you could meet the characters in real life? Do you know nothing Jon Snow?

Well, there is one place you can go and geek out for a couple of days: Comic Con! It's the time of year where cosplayers gather at ExCel London to meet, buy rare merchandise, meet actors and youtubers and show off all their hard work recreating costumes from their favourite films, anime, manga, games and books and pretend to be someone else. It's kind of like Halloween, but way more hard core.

game of thrones cercei
Cercei and Ygritte - Game of Thrones

The quality of the costumes is always exceptional and it is very easy to see how much effort everyone has put in creating them most of the time from scratch. Variations of certain characters (like the Jokers shown below) often appear with the most popular ones where different costumes have been used in different mediums and incarnations through movies, tv series, comic books and games and they always make great photo ops.

the Joker cosplay
The Joker - DC Universe

Other times characters from different movies of the same franchise come together for the ultimate fan service as we all have thought at one point or another that it would be really cool if all of them were together in a story. Whether you turn that into the Avengers or a few Disney princesses chilling together the results are always pretty awesome.

disney cosplay brave belle peter pan
Merida, Belle and Peter Pan - Disney

This year Attack on Titan was the most popular anime for cosplayers and I assume everyone got lots of photos of them, however I decided to enjoy the day and only take photos of well made costumes of my favourite characters. 

enchanted cosplay
Giselle and Prince Edward - Enchanted

Giselle and Edward's costumes were incredibly well made and just like the movie and I was very happy when I saw Regina from Once Upon A Time, as it is one of my favourite tv shows. Regina's costumes throughout the series have been amazing and this one is one of the most iconic ones. Plus it came complete with a glowing heart so how could I not love it? I do want to do that cosplay at some point too so I will be looking into it.

regina once upon a time cosplay susan sto helit cosplay
Regina - Once Upon A Time 

I decided to go as Susan Sto Helit from Terry Pratchett's books, particularly Hogfather which I love very much. I will have a more detailed post about my costume on my fashion blog. I also found a Dalek so I had to take a photo with it. Doctor Who is always quote big in Comic Con with people dressed up as one of the Doctor incarnations, the Tardis, or Daleks. I like Daleks.

susan sto helit cosplay dalek
Dalek - Doctor Who, Susan - Hogfather

Another quite impressive things for me is when people use stilts to make their characters taller. I have no idea how they balance on them and manage to walk around the crowds in full costume, with masks and everything on. It does look pretty cool though.

nightmare before christmas cosplay
Oogie Boogie, Lock and Jack Skellington - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Imagine how hot it must be inside that dragon costume... I bet the guy would breathe fire if he could. Bad jokes aside, I do like Toothless so for me that was a great effort.

how to train your dragon cosplay
Toothless - How To Train Your Dragon

Apart from creating your costume, having the relevant props can be quite important and take your costume to the next level. For example, my friend Rob created his own Whiskey and Ginger Nuka Cola and Gin & Tonic Nuka Cola Quantum for his Fallout 3 costume.

fallout 3 cosplay
Fallout 3

Apart from being a great chance to cosplay, Comic Con is great for shopping. Apart from the usual comic books, plushies, replica characters and cosplay wigs, you can get a wide range of handmade steampunk and gothic accessories like the ones below and discover new vendors you would not have normally come across, so make sure to bring money or ask for their website where you can find the items online later. These particular ones were from Diamantequeen Designs

MCM London Comic Con

So if you were thinking of going to Comic Con but were not sure, just go! It is awesome and you will have a great time. And if you do not have anyone to go with you can always have a look on facebook for groups who arrange to go together and do a specific theme costume or you can even create your own group on Meetup or citysocializer.

Whatever you do, make sure you pick a character you love and have fun being them for a day!


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